Professional Content Analysis & Document Evaluation

AmaZix is a PR & marketing, legal, and corporate structuring firm based in Roskilde, Denmark. Working with the AmaZix Assessment team, I deliver deep-dive analysis, document evaluation, and strategic insights into written communications for FinTech enterprise.

Analysis delivered to AmaZix is provided under NDA via internal client relationships.

Whitepaper Analysis

Internal logic, content, and narrative evaluation of fundraising & investor documents

Competitor Analysis

Industry-wide competitor analysis of documentation, including breakdowns of communications within competitive environments and advantage identification.

Actionable Insights

Document analysis that ensures problems, solutions, products, and go-to-market are presented within a strong overarching narrative.


Analysis composed for AmaZix Assessment leverages extensive FinTech industry insight, delivering detailed, full evaluations of projects, including critical analysis of communication components, channels, presentation, thought leadership, marketing, competitor analysis, and marketing.

Communication evaluation
Content auditing
Market insights
Professional editing


Analysis composed for AmaZix is published as a component of turnkey PR and marketing analysis services delivered by AmaZix.

Documents completed include white paper analyses, SWOT analysis, and written communication audits.

Please get in touch for specific examples of AmaZix document analysis performed for various FinTech and blockchain enterprises.