Deep Dive Blockchain, Crypto, & DeFi Educational Copy

Swyftx is Australia’s largest digital asset exchange.

Working with Swyftx, I composed a broad spectrum of educational and explanatory copy for the Swyftx Learn platform, mirroring and improving upon similar offerings such as Binance Academy. Services delivered include website copy, copy scheduling, blockchain research, and content ideation.

Market Leading Copywriting

Front-facing educational content focused on new user education & acquisition for the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Australia

Complex Concepts Made Simple

Copy delivered to Swyftx delivers accessible, understandable insight into complex digital asset and DeFi protocols & practices

Digital Asset Market Audience Research

Services provided to Swyftx include audience research & identification of high-interest subjects


Swyftx Learn copy composed and published via the Swyftx exchange platform focuses on accessible, easy-to-understand explanations and breakdowns of complex digital asset subjects that include technical analysis, blockchain-based governance, and automated market makers.

Copywriting delivery included consistent consultation with Swyftx marketing, content ideation, reporting, and ad-hoc communications consultation on demand.

Blockchain & DeFi Knowledge & Expertise
Brand Voice Development
Content Strategy
Months, complete
Words published