The temtum project is a lightweight, quantum secure decentralized network. The temtum team required an in-depth, engaging white paper that effectively communicated the complex technological and nonclassical physics elements of the temtum blockchain in language non-technically adept readers could understand.

The temtum whitepaper can be read via the temtum website.

Complex Systems Made Simple

The temtum blockchain incorporates complex quantum physics elements and required the distillation and communication of highly technical concepts in an accessible manner.

Complete WP Composition

The temtum white paper was composed in tandem with the temtum development team, working from technical documentation to create a highly accessible, compelling investor document.

Deep-Dive Technical Analysis

In addition to standard white paper elements, the temtum white paper incorporates extensive detail analyzing quantum computing threats to AES encryption based on IBM high-qubit quantum machine documentation.


The highly technical nature of the temtum blockchain and NIST beacon integration necessitated the engagement of a writer with a clear understanding of AES encryption, quantum computing, and language efficiency.

Technical analysis
White paper composition
Blockchain architecture
Fundraising strategy
Days of Work
Successful IEO launch


The temtum white paper project concluded after 33 days of composition, editing, and revision. Subsequent to publishing the white paper, the temtum project successfully partnered with the UK Government-owned Royal Mint.

To date, the temtum project has partnered with KYC/AML platform Shufti Pro and launched a successful IEO to 650,000 users via the Liquid trading platform.


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