Cutting-Edge Content for Capital Markets

Tokeny is an institutional-grade and modular end-to-end platform that facilitates the issuance, transfer and management of tradable digital assets/security tokens, such as tokenized loans, structured notes, equity and funds.

Work composed for Tokeny SARL is focused on the Tokeny Market Insights platform, and comprises of ghostwritten market analysis and thought leadership articles on decentralized finance, FinTech, capital markets applications of blockchain technology, and tokenization use cases.

Detailed Digital Asset Insight

Deep-dive analyses of blockchain/DLT within capital market applications & tokenization use cases

Professional Thought Leadership

Nuanced, complex thought leadership content composed for targeted C-suite finance audience

Subject Matter Precision

Effective, fluent communication that delivers actionable, authoritative content focused on the intersection of traditional finance and digital asset markets.


Tokeny’s audience consists of stakeholders that operate within the capital markets value chain and primarily focuses on the digitization of financial assets. Content created for Tokeny therefore delineates and emphasizes the impact and use cases of decentralized ledger technology in language that resonates with and captures the attention of readers.

Market insights
Thought leadership ghostwriting
Content & copywriting
Blockchain/DLT expertise


Tokeny content is delivered on an ad-hoc basis sans byline and can be viewed via the Tokeny Market Insights resource on the Tokeny website.

If you’re interested in more details regarding the thought leadership and market insight content created for Tokeny or would like to learn more about the benefits of precise content tailored to the needs of your platform, reach out today for a free consultation.