Innovation in finance demands innovation in marketing

I help you empower your users and project with market-leading DeFi content strategy.

The DeFi ecosystem is growing at an exponential rate. Institutional capital, VC, and retail investors have flooded the DeFi industry over recent years, presenting novel DeFi protocols with the opportunity to redefine the way we interact with finance on a daily basis. With greater opportunity, however, comes greater competition.

Bringing a DeFi protocol or product to market can be a complex process. You need a DeFi content marketing expert that speaks fluent DeFi — MEV, AMM, LP, APY, TVL — and can effectively communicate complex protocols to users.

DeFi projects present intricate token ecosystems to audiences that range from retail investors to VC. I build and execute DeFi content marketing strategies that deliver exponential user growth, media coverage, and dramatically enhance your DeFi brand equity.


Take your DeFi protocol to market with the best DeFi content marketing expert online. I help DeFi projects and DAOs capture new users, publish communications and PR, run DeFi NFT drops, and create highly effective DeFi marketing campaigns.


DeFi content gets complicated. You need a DeFi copywriter who can deliver engaging and effective DeFi marketing copy. Not every DeFi content specialist can explain MEV — work with a DeFi pro that understands your project at a protocol level.


I create content and marketing strategies for DeFi that take projects from pre-seed to protocol launch. If you’re planning on attracting pre-seed or VC interest in your DeFi protocol, you need an expert DeFi startup marketer that understands what VC wants to know, and why.


Work with a DeFi professional with an intimate understanding of the DeFi industry. I’ve worked with multiple CEXs, DEXs and DeFi protocols to build DeFi content marketing and DeFi copywriting strategies that deliver shocking ROI.

DeFi Content Marketing

Reach out today and start creating value with the best DeFi content marketing professional online. I work with your team to create and deploy the DeFi content strategy you need to capture users. Compose, publish, and distribute DeFi landing page copy, DeFi blogs, DeFi email marketing, DeFi articles, and more.

Paid DeFi Marketing

Getting DeFi ads published isn’t always easy. I create white-hot DeFi Google ads and DeFi Facebook ads, DeFi social media campaigns, and DeFi paid advertising strategies that get published, get clicked, and convert. Connect today to get your DeFi protocol or project published on the biggest DeFi media platforms online.

DeFi Marketing Copywriting

Finding the best DeFi copywriter can be a time-consuming process. I don’t just market DeFi — I’ve been an active DeFi user since the launch of MakerDAO. Work with a heavyweight DeFi pro that creates high-impact DeFi copywriting, DeFi taglines, DeFi landing pages, and DeFi thought leadership that grabs audience attention and doesn’t let go.

DeFi Documentation

DeFi documentation is the core of any DeFi content marketing strategy. You need DeFi docs that present an easy-to-understand breakdown of your protocol, your DeFi ecosystem, the capabilities of your project, security & audits, deployed contracts, and more. I create visually stunning DeFi docs that impress.

DeFi Market Research

Know your enemy. Work with me to identify key competitors, target audience demographics, and audience profiles. Gain insight and marketable data from Dune, Glassnode, and more. I leverage years of experience in bringing blockchain platforms and projects to market to put your DeFi project in front of your audience and convert them to your users.

DeFi Social Media Marketing

Grow your DeFi discord community. Get your DeFi protocol featured on some of the largest and most widely-read Web3 and DeFi publications online. Connect with the biggest DeFi KOLs in blockchain. Grow your DeFi Twitter, create DeFi whitelists, and promote the discussion of your DeFi protocol on Youtube, Telegram, and more.

Content marketing can make or break your DeFi launch.

Understanding how to market a DeFi protocol isn’t simple. Before you launch your DeFi protocol, you’ll need to connect with the best DeFi content marketing professional online to create a DeFi website, share the value proposition of your project, engage with DeFi publishing channels, and boost investor confidence.

Here’s how I help you build a disruptive, high-ROI DeFi marketing strategy:

  • DeFi press releases
  • DeFi copywriting
  • DeFi Google Ads
  • DeFi content gap analysis
  • DeFi content calendars
  • DeFi content management


Contact me today and discuss how I can exponentially increase the TVL in your DeFi project.