Pitch decks that capture and close meetings for startups and investors

I specialize in composing pitch decks from scratch.

Understanding the VC funding process is critical when composing and publishing an effective pitch deck. The right language can dramatically improve your chances of capturing investor attention and raising funding.

The average VC partner is pitched over 2,000 times every year. Larger VC firms receive over 5,000 pitches annually. Investors are busy — your pitch deck needs to stand out.

Your pitch needs to communicate your vision in an engaging manner and make an impact on time-poor investors.

The average investor spends just 4 minutes on looking at your pitch deck.

Don't waste time.

Get a pitch deck that gets your project funded.

Get a pitch deck that gets your startup noticed.

Pitch Deck Assessment & Refinement

Find out where your pitch deck needs to improve. Book a consultation call to find out how you can refine your pitch today.

Sequoia Pitch Decks

Rapid-delivery professional pitch decks based on the official pitch deck template recommended by leading VC firm Sequoia Capital.

World-class pitch decks. Fast.

I focus on writing impactful, attention-grabbing pitch decks from scratch. Book a free consultation today and receive a professional pitch deck that effectively communicates your vision to investors in one week.

Full Custom Pitch Decks

If you’re ready to book VC meetings, but aren’t sure where to start with your pitch deck, reach out for comprehensive strategy and fundraising consulting to create a fully customized pitch deck from scratch.

Security & Confidentiality

I’m in the business of copywriting — not launching startups. I deliver trust and total confidentiality. If you want to share technical details or sensitive information in your deck, non-disclosure agreements can be signed on request.

Bespoke composition.

I offer pitch deck composition services that scale depending on your budget and requirements. Let’s assess your vision, organize a call to understand your business model in-depth, and collaborate in real-time until your deck is complete.

Get results and get back to executing.

I make your pitch deck fundable.

Work with a seasoned professional that has delivered pitch decks to startups and projects across Australia, the UK, USA, Continental Europe, and Southeast Asia.

If you’re planning on launching a seed round, attracting VC attention, or launching an STO or IEO, make sure your pitch deck is the best representation of your vision possible.

Flat pricing. No hidden fees. Single-project pitch decks with single-project pricing delivered on time.

    Get attention. Get meetings. Get funded.

    Let’s tell your investors a story that builds respect, rapport, and trust. Reach out today for a free pitch deck strategy consultation.