V-Systems is a decentralized finance platform that aims to create a secure underlying infrastructure platform for blockchain databases. Work completed for V-Systems focuses on audience outreach through hosted blog composition and PR/article composition for press placement.

Blockchain Expertise

Press-friendly breakdowns of key milestone achievements, partnership announcements, and technological innovations

Press Coverage

Highly engaging articles written to leading platform editorial standards, delivering both organic and paid press coverage

On-demand Content Management

Multi-channel content composition and management


The complex nature of the VSYS blockchain project requires carefully crafted, in-depth explanation of the underlying blockchain technology that drives it across Medium, hosted blog content, and website copy

Article & content ghostwriting
DLT/Blockchain communication strategy
PR & media article placement
Website copywriting


Content & copy composed for V Systems can be viewed via the V Systems website, and includes documentation, explanatory content, and Medium content

Content composed for V Systems:

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